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Photo 5. Container with mission stamps and shipping stickers.

Field Notes: Science in Micro-Gravity

What is the nature of science as practiced in micro-gravity? The instrumentation is simple, well-designed and robust; digging below the surface, we discover that this experimental elegance derives from years of preparation, design, equipment construction, and testing. How do we find (and collect!) science within this prodigious enterprise?

The Art of Threshing

I knew none of this history as I admired the thresher in the warehouse: what caught my eye was the striking hand-painted striping, scrollwork, lettering, and scenes that adorned the thresher’s surface.
Photo 2. Featherweight sewing machine. CSTMC artefact No.: AY0069. Photo: Tom Alföldi

The Sewing Machine of an Extraordinary Woman

A comment in an email I received from a member of the donor family, Caroline Walker, piqued my curiosity: her mother-in-law, the machine’s former owner, Willa Walker, from Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, was the Wing Officer of the Women’s Division of the Royal Canadian Air Force

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